Friday, 29 May 2015

Back to Normal!

Its surprising how much time has been taken up with activities around the General Election.  Thankfully we were delighted with the results so all the efforts were worthwhile.

Since the 8th May we have been busily reinstating our hobbies and interests and getting back to normal ....whatever that is!

this period includes 2 Theatre trips.....

The first was The American Buffalo at the Wyndham Theatre,  which has an impressive cast - Damian Lewis, John Goodman and Tom Sturridge.  I must admit it was the cast which attracted us to see this play.

It is regarded as an American classic, however we found it a little hard going.  The acting was  superb but then what did we expect from these accomplished actors?  The beginning was slow but did gather some form. The story although thin did bring out the relative strengths and weaknesses  of the 3 characters. We left asking ourselves did we really enjoy this? The jury is still out.

Its worth reading Quentin Letts review as I think he has provided a fair analysis.

The second trip was to Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre a couple of days ago. This was a half term treat for my grand daughter and we presumed that it would be primarily aimed at children but we were pleasantly surprised that it could be appreciated by adults too.  Thoroughly enjoyable and "Matilda" (Anna -Louise Knight)  and the other young members of the cast were incredible.  They remembered their exhaustive lines without a hitch and delivered in a very professional manner.
The adult actors were also very impressive and so believable in their roles.

More information on story and cast - see link below...

Good time had by all !!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

General Election!

Well only a few days to go! There is something really exciting about the run up to General Election for political nerds like me!  Of course every party activist, despite which party, have butterflies regarding outcome but nevertheless we all like to think that the tremendous effort will pay off.

This morning I went to support Anne Main and our local councillors in St Albans Market.  The weather was typical Bank Holiday weather ....absolutely freezing!  However this didn't dent the enthusiasm or great atmosphere.  We were joined by a team of young volunteers who made the morning a lot of fun with their placards and balloons! Lots of interesting discussions and constructive comments.....

Great to get home to a warm bowl of soup.... well it is May...........

Next "telling" on Thursday and then the long night waiting for results!!  Happy Days :)