Sunday, 10 August 2014

Canterbury Tales.......

Last log entry said I would come back to you with more....

Canterbury and surrounding area has huge significance to us as one of my major clients was situated on the south coast in Sandwich.

I had a period of approximately 15 years when  we visited this area on a frequent basis. Our accommodation varied according to the volume of work which was generated over time.  In the earlier years I spent a great deal of time in The Bell "at Sandwich.  This little place has stood still in time despite its association with the influx of corporate bodies.  It is quite unspoilt and quaint. As part of out trip we passed the site of Pfizer where I spent so much time. The organisation during my time flourished from approx 500 people and grew over time to nearly 3000.  They occupied buildings on both sides of the main road - it was so vibrant.  On return last week it was incredible to see how the site had changed.  It was incredibly quiet and although new scientific organisations/start ups were in evidence the atmosphere had changed.  The main entrance site and restaurant areas had been demolished and only the hardcore remained.  For me this represented sadness but also closure. The people  in this organisation were great, exciting, curious and ambitious.  I know they have gone on to other ventures and I wish them well.  They should be incredibly proud of the pharmaceutical developments they have achieved and the benefits we have all had the derived from their research.

During my heavy workload period we bought a new small flat in Ramsgate as hotel life was taking its toll.  Although I was working we still enjoyed the environment and going back last week we commented on how pretty and increasingly productive the whole area has become. So much improvement and feeling of optimism.

One must do!! You must experience in seaside places - the fish!!  I am here being reluctantly (as you can se by my expression) photographed in "Peter"s Fish Factory"on the quayside.  We had a superb lunch of rock and chips and pots of tea!  Nothing quite like it!
The other very significant accommodation in the latter part of my working life was at the Abode in Canterbury which I posted last time.  I have always felt an incredible affinity with the Cathedral - so steeped in history and brings back memories of lessons at school.  Visiting this place makes it all so real - I have never lost the excitement of being there and sharing the thoughts of the past. If you have never been here pay a visit you will not be disappointed. The whole area is practically unspoilt and fascinating. The street performers also add to the feeling of a bygone age. There is so much to do.  During our time ether we took so much for granted.

When My children were very young their grandfather was a GP in Cliftonville and I have fond memories of this time  and again visiting Canterbury some 30 years ago - never thinking that one day I would return to the area in my working life.

We are so lucky in this country to have so much history and places of interest on our doorstep. We neglect it thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere. Reconsider!!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Just got home from a couple of days in Canterbury part business part pleasure.  In our working life we spent a great deal of time in this area and so this has been a trip down memory lane -we stayed in our favourite hotel  - "The Abode" which used to be called "The County Hotel"

Thoroughly enjoyed the break and will report more tomorrow after unpacking and relaxing back into the routine!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

A New Set of Wheels!!

Well it must be 50 years since I have had a bike and this week I rectified this by buying a  Kingston Classic Hampton from Amazon.

I have been thinking about this for quite a while.  We have a cycle track where we live so ideal as I can ride off rode as I don't think I have the confidence to try the roads and traffic yet.  I am sure my husband thought I was joking about getting a bike until it arrived! It came partly assembled and I am afraid the instructions left a lot to be desired.  My husband put it together but he was still concerned about the brakes we took it to a local bike repairer.

The young man who looked at it was a little disapproving as it its a "sit up and beg" style not the one the serious cyclists want!  He also said it was a funny colour!  I told him that I liked it and that is all that matters! Grrr!

Anyway its fixed and I had my first ride yesterday.......I only fell off once!  I quickly got up and made sure no-one had seen me!!  I have been out on it again today and I am getting used to it.  The expression "its like riding a bike"  is not as true as I thought.  The inference is that you never forget and just pick up where you left off!  Not the case!  Maybe as I am much older balance is a challenge and I do feel that at times the bike is running away with me!  Anyway I have put up with the good natured teasing and mockery from family and friends and I will show them quite soon how competent I am.

So what was the thinking behind my purchase? Well over the past few weeks we have seen so much in the press about keeping active and how important this is.  Now I am very active already always busy, go to the gym and so on but I thought the bike would add another dimension.  It certainly has - it is hard work - maybe because I am inexperienced but my legs and core felt as if I had done a workout.

I am a firm believer in preventative medicine - use it or lose it! Certainly when I look at some of my contemporaries I can't believe that they are resigned to "old age".  Mobility for many has become a problem and has affected their quality of life.  If you follow a sedentary life style and are overweight then you are stacking up problems for yourself.

Sermon over :)  You know what I mean though don't you?  One day I may have no option but to be dependent on others.....but  I hope I am  putting off that day!

One simple word was used this week in the campaign for health and fitness............


(ps I do have a safety helmet satisfying H & S)