Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Car Crazy!!!

Remember my post regarding my car accident?  October 14th 2014  I think......

The accident which was not our fault??

The repairs which should have taken no time?

Well now it is the 18th February 2015 and still no car!!!

There have been excuses, estimated deliveries, apologies, hire cars of various levels.....rows,  emails, wrong parts....

latest Monday ....call re wheel ......good news we have it ....yeahhyyyy!!!
Bad news it is in chrome and doesn't match the others...........

I seem to be powerless to make someone do something!!  my serene frame of mind on return from holiday in tatters!!

My insurance is organised by Swintons Insurance Brokers who are doing their best to liaise between Insurance Company and Quindells who are responsible for claim and repair as far as I can make out.  They authorised a garage to do repairs ...... I can't explain anymore ....losing the will to live.....

Too many people involved........

Sun Worshippers and the Aftermath

I watched a programme this week about a young man who was addicted to sun bathing.  He said that without it his life was meaningless and it didn't feel like him! 
This is an extreme and yet all of us probably feel we look better with a tan ...more attractive with a healthy glow. However it isn't always healthy.  

We are all too aware of the dangers of too much sun - skin cancer, shrivelled skin, age spots....and yet on holiday in the incredible mid day temperatures, some would sunbathe only moving to turn over and scorch the other side. Why do people take this to the extreme in their pursuit of an intense colour of skin which will eventually shed onto the bedroom floor?  Paleness will return and the lasting legacy of this indulgence etched in permanent wrinkles and crevices and the appearance of a much older person. You may also have damaged your skin to such an extent that you have triggered something much more sinister.

One of the most fascinating aspects on holiday after ravaging their bodies in the sun many then went to the Beauty Spa to try and find a remedy for their skin problems........human beings .... certainly an enigma.......

As we left our plane at Gatwick we heard one passenger say that she couldn't wait to show off her tan to her neighbours! So is this a driver?  Crazy!

We felt quite uncomfortable with the heat on holiday and stayed in the shade as much as possible. We commented on the resilience  and stamina of those who didn't seem to be affected.  Walking around on the various islands was a challenge and even though covered with the highest sun factor we still didn't escape the powerful rays.  My feet for some reason seemed to be a focus and look quite incongruous in comparison with the rest of me!

Enough to have topped up the vitamin D supply methinks!

Now home and normality there is something to be said for the UK climate!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

promise final photos of hols!!

love the formal nights!!

up Martinque!!

Great St Valentine's Day! No matter how old you are it is important to keep up romance and value your time together :)  As we get older it becomes even more important and we certainly treasure it!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Devil's Island and the Caribbean......

A little late but here are samples of holiday snaps for the remainder of our holiday.....
Devil's Island (French Guiana) is the one in the middle.  Island notorious for its brutal prison which housed Dreyfuss and also
featured in the film Papillon based on convicted felon Henri Charriere.  He was one of only 2 prisoners who managed to escape by swimming across the allegedly  shark infested waters to the French Guiana's coast

If you want the ultimate weekend away you can actually stay in the limited accommodation (not in the prison!)
The Islands are protected by approximately 20 French Foreign Legionnaires 

We also went on to visit several of the Caribbean Islands - St Lucia, St Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, Barbados, Martinique and Barbados.   All beautiful in their own way but with their own particular personality.  The one that stands out for me on this trip was Trinidad.  The last time we were her we went on a guided tour and did see a lot of the island and the lovely scenery, but this time we decided to walk into the town.  This was very challenging as the temperatures as you would expect were in the 30s and it was difficult to walk any distance.  However we managed to walk through the financial district which was a curious blend of new office buildings and old sections which housed shops and markets.  We noticed the beautifully dressed women in tailored suits, tights and high heel shoes going to work. We understood they are used to the heat and acclimatised....amazing!

The Carnival was due to start and so excitement was in the air and people seemed genuinely happy. Lots of fancy dress costumes in evidence. The people were so welcoming and polite and helpful. Great atmosphere - we were sad to leave.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Amazon Adventures!!

When deciding where to go on holiday we try to go to places we haven't been to before  and so that is why we went to the Amazon .....and the Caribbean (which we have visited previously but always worth going..)

It was with some trepidation that I agreed to this one as I was worried about mosquitos.  I am so allergic to bites and quite regularly end up in the medical bay.  However I didn't get one!!  This could be down to being lucky or because I used a spray recommended by a member of the family which she said really works and is used by the army (?).  Not sure how true this is but nevertheless gave it a try and I wasn't bitten!  The spray I obtained from ...wait for it...Amazon -  Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray with Jojoba and Citronellol.....comes in pack of two and cost £7.35.

Anyway back to the holiday..with flew to Barbados and joined our cruise ship.  The ship was a smaller one as was required to navigate its way down the river. 

First Unusual Bug!!
Lush rain forest

Amazing meeting of two rivers Amazon and Rio Tapajos
which remain separate and distinct

Santarem "city" on the right bank of Tapajos river
-really primitive as you would expect but signs of development
Close up of transport boats in previous photo - people bring their own hammocks
which they "enjoy" whilst travelling to their destination 
Temperatures rose to mid 30s and the frequent rain was a welcome relief - really worthwhile experience and so impressive!
Apparently trips down the Amazon are infrequent and certainly we had difficulty booking this holiday.  A similar one planned for next year is already fully booked.

We were also supposed to travel along the Orinoco but sadly because of several difficulties with Venezuela we were unable to do this .....sadly.....

More tomorrow..........................

Saturday, 7 February 2015

So good to be Home!!!

Got back from holiday yesterday morning after long journey and delayed departure on runway... we slept for most of day went to bed at 9am and slept until the parcel delivery rang our bell at 8am!!

Will post more on holiday when I feel less like a zombie.  Still trying to adjust from 30+ temperatures down to 3!

Still so happy to be back, recharged and raring to go! Need a holiday to appreciate home!!