Thursday, 8 January 2015

Up the Shard!

My children bought a treat for my husband's special birthday - this included a trip up the Shard and a meal afterwards at Marco Pierre money for a glass of champagne at the top of the Shard.  This was a generous yet daunting present.  We have talked about going to this landmark for a long time as it is yet another of those things you feel you must do, however I am not very good with heights and have been resisting.

Yesterday we bit the bullet.  The day was cold but crisp and clear -

ideal we were told for viewing.  The building is impressive and the views from the top are breathtaking.  The champagne steadied my nerves and I must admit it was not scary in the least....although I did resist looking down too much!

I would really recommend it!

Afterwards we made our way to MPWs on Middlesex Street - which were told was only about 10 mins away.  I am sure if you were a bird that would be the case.  It proved to be a good half hour brisk walk across London Bridge to the restaurant. We were grateful that although it was threatening rain it did hold off until we reached a pub for a pre drink !  The meal did not disappoint ....really excellent and the service first rate.

So if you fancy a treat and something a little different why not try it.  This package was through Virgin Experiences and really did not disappoint!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Fitness proof at any age!

Read this article this morning and it demonstrates how important exercise is and the benefits derived after just 6 weeks. Another interesting point is that one if the participants hadn't exercised for 15 years and was able to find a programme which worked for her!

Feel ready to have a go?

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Listen to Your Body!

Sometimes exercise seems a real effort and at other times seems relatively easy.  This morning I went to the gym ...more people in attendance today.......

Settled down on the cross trainer, ear phones in, TV channel chosen and set the time.  I remembered my "fitbit" and looked forward to my usual hour......

Couple of people I know came over for a brief chat and I occupied rest of time watching TV programmes I never would have considered at home :)

The hour went very quickly and so I adjusted time for another 10 minutes and felt quite energised.  I also had the reassurance of my GP being on the stepper next to me in case I keeled over!!  All in all I did 1.5 hours, 614 calories and 7430 steps according to fitbit.  I felt quite elated.  Not that I could do this everyday but took the opportunity while I could.

I returned home and my husband had noticed I had been away longer than usual - he is always concerned I am doing too much - however he was suitably impressed with my achievement and will be coming with me to the gym on Monday morning.  Sometimes we need the encouragement of others to reboot :)

I enjoy keeping up my regime as I am reaping the many benefits - maybe the most important one is that at 64 I do not regard myself as "old" even though the number is big.  I have no intention of slowing down until I physically can't cope.

Sadly can't ski anymore as my I know my knees won't like it but there are many people older than me who have found this is their preferred mode of exercise.  We all know our limits!!

Now many of my contemporaries may not feel they want to be active to this extent but I hope they can see the real benefits of a brisk walk, of not taking the car and walking to the shops (within reason), to walk up stairs rather than taking lifts.......   Appearance, weight, energy, mobility and longevity are all parts of the rewards!

Age is no longer a barrier to all the things we want to do providing we do what is necessary - keep up the motivation!!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year Resolutions for dummies :)

When you reach this age you feel you have done resolutions ...but then you realise that instead of dismissing them recognise that you have reached a state of realism and acceptance and a rebalance of expectations.  You know what you should be doing and the benefits.....but you also know its all in your hands. So with this in mind what am I going to aim for this year?

  1. Maintaining health, diet and fitness
  2. Developing my hobbies and interests
  3. Making the most of every day
  4. Be more disciplined with my blog
  5. Ration time on twitter and Facebook
  6. Cherish every moment with my family
So looking at Number 1 ....I feel I am top of my diet..protein, lots of veg and low for me.  Not a fan of fruit but will endeavour to consume some :(  Also watch portions...greed can sometimes over-ride common sense.

Fitness - if you read my blog regularly you will know that I take this seriously.  I have a regime that works for me.  I go to the gym regularly and take every opportunity to walk rather than use the car.  You don't have to belong to a gym just keep moving!  Particularly when you reach your 60's - what separates the men from the boys is the investment you have made in your lifestyle and the measures you have taken to sustain the benefits derived.

Interesting that you usually get the usual influx of new recruits in the gym in the New Year - however its been a bit thin on the ground so far! This morning I virtually had the gym to myself and the same has been true over the past few days.

It is recommended that we should do 10K steps a day to maintain a healthy fitness level.  I really didn't appreciate what the is meant until my children bought  a  "fitbit" for my birthday.

I am into gadgets so I can understand the choice of present.  However I didn't realise how useful this would be.  It measures number of steps taken in a day, calories burnt  and sleep patterns and you can also record your diet and much more. All can be synchronised with an app on your iPhone.  Now I know this does not appeal to everyone just nerds like me - however the point I wanted to make is that we can kid ourselves as to whether we are really active in a day.  So far I have achieved 10k steps on a handful of occasions ..days when I have spent at least an hour in the gym and have completed many tasks at home - so you do have to up your game to achieve the goal.  Worth investing in a bog standard cheap pedometer if you want to check your progress.  Find out what works for you!!!