Sunday, 3 August 2014

A New Set of Wheels!!

Well it must be 50 years since I have had a bike and this week I rectified this by buying a  Kingston Classic Hampton from Amazon.

I have been thinking about this for quite a while.  We have a cycle track where we live so ideal as I can ride off rode as I don't think I have the confidence to try the roads and traffic yet.  I am sure my husband thought I was joking about getting a bike until it arrived! It came partly assembled and I am afraid the instructions left a lot to be desired.  My husband put it together but he was still concerned about the brakes we took it to a local bike repairer.

The young man who looked at it was a little disapproving as it its a "sit up and beg" style not the one the serious cyclists want!  He also said it was a funny colour!  I told him that I liked it and that is all that matters! Grrr!

Anyway its fixed and I had my first ride yesterday.......I only fell off once!  I quickly got up and made sure no-one had seen me!!  I have been out on it again today and I am getting used to it.  The expression "its like riding a bike"  is not as true as I thought.  The inference is that you never forget and just pick up where you left off!  Not the case!  Maybe as I am much older balance is a challenge and I do feel that at times the bike is running away with me!  Anyway I have put up with the good natured teasing and mockery from family and friends and I will show them quite soon how competent I am.

So what was the thinking behind my purchase? Well over the past few weeks we have seen so much in the press about keeping active and how important this is.  Now I am very active already always busy, go to the gym and so on but I thought the bike would add another dimension.  It certainly has - it is hard work - maybe because I am inexperienced but my legs and core felt as if I had done a workout.

I am a firm believer in preventative medicine - use it or lose it! Certainly when I look at some of my contemporaries I can't believe that they are resigned to "old age".  Mobility for many has become a problem and has affected their quality of life.  If you follow a sedentary life style and are overweight then you are stacking up problems for yourself.

Sermon over :)  You know what I mean though don't you?  One day I may have no option but to be dependent on others.....but  I hope I am  putting off that day!

One simple word was used this week in the campaign for health and fitness............


(ps I do have a safety helmet satisfying H & S)