Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas countdown - oven!!

I have mentioned this in the past but one of the greatest aids to household sanity is getting your oven professionally cleaned.

I have a double oven - top not used so much but the bottom one always ends up looking a disgrace.

Man from the "DomesticOvenCleaner"  came this morning at 8.30 and started the task.  I always start apologising for the state of burnt on grease and spillage and they always say it is nothing compared with others - which I am sure is the standard line they provide for embarrassed customers.  Its not as if I don't clean it but its like fighting a losing battle and I never get the spanking clean look I crave.

While he was busy scraping and soaking he asked me if I wanted my electric hob, extractor and hood to be done as well.  I hesitate for a split second and give the go ahead.  An hour and a half later I have gleaming appliances - I feel like inviting the neighbourhood to admire.

The cost of this exercise?  £80  I would say given the time, effort, materials and finished product - this was money well spent!  In the past I have bought many expensive cleaning oven products which claim to do miracles and have been very disappointed with the result.

So happy woman with this task ticked on the Christmas countdown!!