Monday, 16 March 2015

Coffee to go!!

well the car latest....I was sent a £50 cheque from Quindells which is supposed to be compensation for the car saga......I have returned it together with an appropriate note!!
Just had a phone call to say that the car will probably be ready on Wednesday.  As you can imagine I am taking this with a pinch of salt!

Hate cars!! Trouble is we need them.  Certainly when I drive over to my daughter in Chiswick I don't have an alternative. It is only 22 miles but I nearly always have a tortuous journey.  Last week I left even earlier than usual to make sure I arrived in time to walk with the grandchildren to school....I set off at 6.30am and arrived at 8.45am!! My daughter had to leave without me and I ran the whole way to the school (thank god for the gym) and made it in time for the school bell and did see them before they went to classes.

During this long period of travel time I listened to LBC and there was a talk on obesity and the obsession youngsters have with energy drinks. They were recommending not to let children under 16 take take them as a can could contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar!! They mentioned how powerful this description is rather than just talking in grams which doesn't have the same impact.  Don't you think the requirement to have a drink in your hand at all times is getting out of hand?

Bottles of water have become accessories. At the gyms people who have been on the treadmill for as little as 5 mins and not exerting themselves feel the need to take a swig.  Woman at the checkout till at our supermarket this week  took several sips from her bottle after each customer.

As I was driving along I saw many carrying the obligatory "coffee to go".  Do they really need it?  Or is it just a kind of fashion statement? A habit?

I can remember in the early 90s I had to go to the US on a regular basis.  On one visit I had breakfast in the hotel with my colleagues  which was substantial with copious amounts of tea and coffee.On leaving the restaurant we were asked if we would like a "coffee to go". We were a little bemused by this when we received the explanation.  My first thought was why would we possibly need any more liquid when we had plenty.  A few of my colleagues took up the offer and struggling with coats, papers, folders and the carton of coffee they made their way to the taxi. I thought to myself maybe it is a long way to the site.....the journey took 10 minutes. On entering the site - the coffees remained untouched and I am sure they appreciated the ride!

This ritual was adopted by the UK as the American influence made its mark. So people are consuming extra calories for no good reason.

A few weeks ago James Corden the actor/comedian talked about this weight loss. He commented that no-one told him it wasn't ok to keep eating/snacking all day long.  It had become a habit.

Maybe we should all wise up it a need or a habit.........we need to consider all those extra calories and.....the cost!!