Thursday, 23 April 2015

Only a fortnight to go!!

What am I talking about well the election of course.  You may have the feeling that it has been going on forever!  You certainly can't have escaped the wall to wall coverage!

My husband and I have also been adding to the coverage with delivering hundreds and hundreds of leaflets.  This morning we completed delivery of postal votes and I think we are just about done with our commitment to the Conservatives before polling day. Strangely enough we have quite enjoyed the challenge of covering such a wide area and keeping fit at the same time.  This morning my trusty fitbit recorded 7700 steps!!

My friend was a little concerned that she hadn't seen an entry on my blog and wondered if I was OK she is now quite assured that my lack of input is down to my political obsession!!

Won't know what to do with myself after the 7th May......Celebrate I hope!! :)

Good luck to our amazing MP Anne Main!!