Monday, 20 February 2017

Half Term Madness...

Last week was challenging but a lot of fun! Hard to believe that small children can have so much energy and enthusiasm for basically anything.

I can say that my fitness regime pays off as I can just about keep up with them. It certainly encourages me to be active and  creative when organising activities.  Surprisingly they both like going to our local garden centre who organise activities in holiday periods.  I wouldn't have thought this would provide such a delight for them but I am proved wrong every time they think its great.  Here's what they produced this time!! Surprising how simple things like apple/seed bird feeders can often be the best.

Baking is always on the agenda and blueberry muffins are a firm favourite and they love the involvement of mixing and generally making a mess.  I bought Star Wars decorations from Lakeland which added to the excitement.

Randomly they said they wanted to have a Victoria Sponge and so I set them to work beating eggs and sugar and cream and they were very pleased with the result - although my husband and I weren't to happy with the number of calories we consumed in the week!!

Everyday started with the question "what are we doing today?"  and "what is the plan?" I must confess there were days when I was completely exhausted but I enjoyed every minute.  These are precious moment you can't miss and I am determined to enjoy my grandchildren in a way I couldn't do with my own children. Working full time you do miss out on many of the simple pleasures.  i also believe that having young people around you help to keep you young and hopefully have a young outlook on life.  I particularly enjoy hearing the views of an 8 and 5 year old - in some ways quite adult but in others quite refreshingly childish and innocent.  Long may it last!

Hopefully they will retain good memories of time spent with grandparents!!