Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Health and Fitness - role models??

There are so many people who are the influencers, decision makers, and professionals associated with health and fitness.  The problem with many of them don't practice what they preach .....

Very often it is a question of

"Physician heal thyself"   Luke 4:23

Look at the MPs sitting in Parliament in Prime Minister's Question Time.  As the front benches address  questions of the day the camera pans around the House and focuses on  attendees and inevitably picks up the relaxed posture of the incumbents  revealing their excesses. Check out the size, the large stomachs, the many chins.  There are quite a few jacketed individuals both male and female who seem to be intent on fastening at least one button which obviously presents a challenge to the fabric and its robustness. Now it could be that their lifestyle as an MP does not help but enough of excuses - surely as many speak about the needs of our children to eat sensibly, to exercise more and generally lead a healthy life then they should also think about the image they are projecting.

Think about the hospitals you have visited and the health professionals you have met.  Do they strike you as healthy specimens.  When my mother was very ill a couple of years ago I attended several hospitals regularly in the London area.  I was absolutely staggered as to how many doctors and nurses were seriously overweight.  How can they seek to improve the attitude of patients to encourage them to follow healthier lifestyles if they don't follow their own advice?

Everyday we hear about the growing trend of obesity - we need more visible role models not a do as I say not as I do contingent!!