Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pesky Dust Mites

My allergies over the years have got worse. Hay Fever is such a curse but more and more people seem to be suffering from it.  Could it be that all the sneezing and discomfort may be due to other reasons?

I saw a documentary some time ago on how important it is to regularly hoover under beds particularly around the floor area and skirting at the top of the bed as a considerable amount of dust and debris accumulates and becomes a feast for mites and other nasties. It also talked about the need to change bedding and pillows regularly. Apparently a third of the weight of a pillow could be made up of bugs, dead skin, dust mites and their faeces.  Unpleasant thought uh?

Just recently I have seen quite a few articles in newspapers repeating these warnings and advice.

After that original programme paranoia set in and my husband and I make sure we have a rigorous clean and replace pillows from time to time.

So today we set to - it really is exhausting but well worth the satisfaction that follows knowing that we may have taken steps in helping to alleviate some unpleasant symptoms.

I try not to think too much about hotel bedrooms and even hospitals - who knows what is lurking..........

At least we can do our bit to reduce exposure to the pesky problem!!!