Wednesday, 26 February 2014

….and the rest………….….

Continuing photos from remainder of our holiday - the places we visited were a series of contrasts.  One of the more memorable was the Bay of Islands, on northern tip of New Zealand.  The people were delightful and learning about the Maori culture was truly a highlight of our visit.

Bay of Islands

and then there was ……………………… you can see the weather was cloudy …….


We were also lucky enough to go to the Opera House and see Carmen. This production was based on the one we saw at the Royal Opera House and it was interesting seeing the Opera in a modern venue. Acoustics and view of stage excellent.

We also enjoyed Bondi Beach even though it was raining quite heavily.  We did manage another paddle - you will see my husband was caught out with a freak wave!! Well at least I was amused…..At least it was really warm that day and so able to dry out quickly!!  I think photo looks a bit like a Vettriano!!

Then on to Brisbane where we just managed to fit in an excellent lunch at "Jimmy's on the Mall" before flying home.  Never had Moreton Bay Bugs before - truly delicious and really recommend them if you get a chance to try!!