Friday, 28 February 2014

Post Holiday!

Well just about done the washing and sort of getting back to a stable state! Amazing how you tend to see your house with fresh eyes when you return from holiday.  It has also made us see how shabby the paint work looks which has prompted a decorating plan!

Takes a holiday to make you appreciate home….no matter how enjoyable a holiday may be.

So whats next……….

We are still reflecting on our observations of the holiday which involved the hot topic of conversation on board………. food!  Discussions were dominated by exchanging anecdotes on the excesses of individuals and the bizarre combination of foods which may be assembled on one plate.

This is mildly amusing but on a more serious note  - the behaviour of some people is very worrying -  I would say that about 2/3 of passengers fell into the category of  being overweight, grossly overweight or obese.

Many reflected on the government trying to reduce the levels of obesity by taxing fizzy drinks and fast foods.  This would not make any difference to the people we have seen.

For the next few posts I would like to reflect on what we all know to be the case….that keeping fit, healthy and maintaining a healthy weight will pay dividends later. There were many cases on board, who by their own admissions, revealed that their health problems and immobility were down to their lifestyles.  My view is it is never too late!

I am sure you have your own opinions on the weighty issue so please feel free to comment and share your experiences and your solutions and actions.  Please pass on details of blog to friends and relatives who have an interest in diets and lifestyle and who would like to make a contribution.

Next post will be on preparation - just like our decorating…you have to thin k things through and prepare the ground…...