Friday, 25 July 2014

Cheesey Visit!!!

We have been away for a few days i the West Country visiting relatives.  While we were there we thought we would take in some of the touristy bits we never seemed to get around to seeing.

These included Cheddar Gorge.  We were absolutely amazed at this site - really impressive and surprisingly unspoilt.  We had been warned that it was a bit "touristy" but we found the level quite acceptable and fun.

There is really something here for everyone including the extensive history and development of the Gorge, the Cheddar Cheese production, rock climbing, exploration of the caves and their beauty and stalagmites and stalactites!

For more information and impressive photographs visit their site...

We couldn't leave before buying some authentic cheese which had followed the traditional process and had been matured in the caves.  It was quite delicious and a vast improvement on the mass produced fare we buy in supermarkets.  We also bought some scrumpy.....made us feel like teenagers again!

Another bonus was getting a concession .....compensation of age!

There are so many places in Britain deemed as heritage sites which have such a lot to offer. We are ashamed to say that we have neglected them and have come to realise that we have missed out and we are now starting to take more interest and search out new experiences closer to home!