Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Posture any age!!

Do you remember when you were small, your parents and teachers would often say put your shoulders back? From an early age we tend to go for the most comfortable position often to our detriment.

Over the years I have tried my best to be aware of my deportment for my bones and my appearance. Certainly as we enter the senior years its even more important to take note of posture there is nothing more ageing than the sight of rounded shoulders which become more and more pronounced.  This image is even displayed on danger road signs of older people crossing the roads!  Apparently the government is looking to improve on this image as it is regarded as an old fashioned stereotype....I certainly hope so!

Some years ago I saw Diana Moran at a magazine event.  (Remember she was the "Green Goddess" from  Breakfast TV years ago.) Certainly her fitness regime which she demonstrated to so many people had paid off for her - she looked amazing, she stood tall with perfect posture and looked so much younger than her years.

Then last week I saw an article showing her today at the age of 77 looking as if time had stood still.  The thrust of the article made me think about my parents generation where they were encouraged to "take it easy" as they got older and "not do too much"! Not that my parents followed their advice they were very active people and enjoyed their productive lives.

Its really worth a read and may give you food for thought about making small changes to your life which will make for a healthier way forward.