Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weighty Issues!

I mentioned yesterday the extremes of eating and the medical conditions some had developed.  There were many others who seemed to realise that they needed to take some radical action.  This may have been as a result of seeing some of the even bigger people on board or listening to the lectures on healthy living provided by the Spa staff who were emphasising the importance of diet and exercise.

The gym was very well attended and also the "boot camp", pilates and yoga classes.  Others did the "mile a day"walk on the promenade deck - again organised by the trainers to encourage people to do this in a group to support and motivate each other.

One of my hobbies is sketching and enjoy drawing people. Here are 3 people with different responses to the obesity problem.

                           Here is a lady who did a daily promenade walk!

.........and here is a chap who sadly couldn't resist a pint or two regardless of the hour!

....and here is a lady who did very little most of the time!

We are stacking up problems for ourselves in older age.  It is never too late to do something about unhealthy behaviour.  Intellectually we know this however, for some, emotionally,  seem to find it very hard to grasp the mettle. I am sure none of us want to give up the active lives we lead and want to continue as long as possible being mobile and healthy...........................surround yourselves with people who will encourage you without providing too much pressure and draw up a plan!!  This is where mutual support groups like Weightwatchers and Slimming World excel.  So to the action plan ..............