Monday, 18 March 2013

Never say never!

A couple of years ago I won a spa day in a raffle.  Most people would be thrilled but I am afraid I was underwhelmed – I have never seen the point of having things done which you could easily have at home …. and for a fraction of the cost!  Anyway I had a mud wrap which was novel!  I am sure many of you reading this may have experienced this treatment - being covered in slime but it was new to me.  I was then wrapped in “bacofoil “.  The beauty therapist then told me to relax for 20 minutes and enjoy.  She lit soothing candles around me and departed.  As I lay there I wanted to laugh this seemed so absurd and …….relax?  I kept thinking about things I needed to do and how much more productive I could be doing something else.  Anyway after showering I must admit that my skin did feel smooth and silky. 

My husband collected me and said I looked as if I had flu!  I am afraid I have always been like this – even if we are on holiday on the beach I find it quite difficult to switch off.

However this is not to say that I don’t appreciate that some treatments are really beneficial.  Not long after the mud experience a friend recommended a  laser rejuvenating facial she had had which had certainly tightened up her face  and she did look younger. So I thought I would have a go.  Certainly not cheap but I found it did make a difference.  The face is thoroughly cleansed and then a lubricating lotion applied.  The laser wand is then gently moved over the face.  You feel a slight pinging sensation but certainly I didn’t find it uncomfortable. The session lasted an hour and cost £100.  It was recommended that you have several sessions with approx. 4 weeks interval in between.  I got the impression this is something that probably has to continue longer term and even though very happy with the results could not make such a financial commitment.

I subsequently found that there is a home laser device which you can use at home.  I am again quite skeptical about the claims made with any product and so did my own research.  The comments  and feedback I found were really favourable .  This laser rejuvenating laser claimed to help with firming up the face, helping to diminish fine lines and help with discoloration which sadly comes with age.   It is made by Tria and at £450 is not cheap but when you consider the cost of beauty treatments it makes it seem quite reasonable.

You can buy this direct from tria or from other outlets such as Amazon and can probably find an offer if you try.
 Here is the website:

My husband also uses it and has found it has lightened  his age spots – so everyone happy J
This has worked for us but we all have different experiences and reactions so you have to explore what works for you.  By the way I also find I can use the laser while I am on the phone, reading a book, on my iPad  - you know women and multi tasking !!

Has anyone else tried this or something similar and would like to share what they have experienced?