Monday, 18 March 2013

Holiday hits and misses! (1)

Just got back from a 3 and a half weeks holiday on a cruise.  I know cruising isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this opinion tends to be aired by those who haven’t had the experience.  A long time ago someone said to me and to my husband that once you have tried it you are smitten.  This certainly has proved to be the case.  There is nothing to compare to driving down to Southampton  - handing over your car keys and being shown to your cabin – luggage miraculously appears and then you are then someone else’s responsibility!  The floating hotel takes over and all the cares of our everyday routine are taken away.

This is not a cheap option – you do have to take into account not only the initial cost of the holiday but all the extras which I will refer to later.  My husband and I have saved and prepared for this stage in our lives  but we are always staggered by the number of people on board who have sailed regularly on very expensive around the world trips often not bothering to set their feet on the ground on some of the ports of call as they have” been there done it” several times! I am not talking necessarily about wealthy people – there is a complete spectrum – we keep saying how can they do it?! There are those who are clearly wealthy and money is no object and then there are those who are “comfortable “ but cautious; others who openly talk about selling council houses and enjoying the proceeds and then more worryingly are those who provocatively declare that they are “on benefits”!  I am not sure as to the true status of people on board but I would be fascinated to find out!
This time the holiday was not so relaxed as sadly when you want to explore  the further extremities of the world you do need to fly and then join the cruise . We flew to Sydney via Hong Kong before visiting other parts of Australia, on to Papua New Guinea, then Japan and China before reaching Hong Kong and then the flight back to the UK.

Some say that cruises are for older people and I must admit that the majority of those on board fell into the 50+ category . However there are some cruises  which cater for families and the younger ones. You just have to make sure that your choice of provider and ship reflect your needs. So more later....

Sydney Bridge
I intend to post some highlights of my holiday and also some senior moments and experiences which may stimulate a response or debate!
Sydney Opera House from ship