Friday, 26 April 2013

About Face!

As a little girl I loved to draw.  People used to remark kindly on my drawings particularly my ballerinas!
The trouble with underdeveloped talents is that you don't know how good you are and in my day arty stuff was perceived as less vital than academic endeavour......

When I passed my 11 + I went to quite an academic RC School - and when I was about 13 we had to make subject choices and I had to drop art.  

When I retired and indeed really about  4 years before retirement, I decided to revisit my arty side .... I attended 3 short courses at St Martins in London - this gave me the confidence to do get out the paintbrushes.   One of these courses was really excellent and inspirational.... it concentrated on life drawing and portraits and these areas have been my main focus ever since.  I like using oils as with the paintings here.  Oils are so versatile and forgiving!  It is all a bit of fun and remarkably therapeutic.  I do have to be in the mood to paint and can can absorb myself in this for days and then leave alone for  months. This interest fits in very well with all my other hobbies and pursuits as I can dip in or dip out.

When I visit art galleries now I look much more closely at the paintings and question how the really accomplished artists managed to achieve some of their results. So observations, developing skills and technique certainly help in developing a standard you find acceptable.

Its never too late to develop your talents - it won't happen if you don't do something about it!!  Retirement does provide the opportunity to indulge yourself!!