Friday, 19 April 2013

Developing Interests!

What a week it has been - so much sad news, Margaret Thatcher's  funeral, the bombing in Boston and the explosion in Texas. It makes you count your blessings and you realise that you really have no reason to moan!

So this morning I was determined to get back into my routine and positive attitude.  First thing  went to the gym for an hour on the cross trainer and then on to delivering leaflets for the Council Elections in May. I have always been interested in politics and do my bit for our local constituency.  Delivering leaflets provides me with yet more exercise and also combines this with my political interest.  My husband also helps with delivery and its  much more enjoyable when we do this together.

What I appreciate during my task is how hard it can be for our postman to deliver letters when I experience the challenges,  albeit in a limited way!

Letter boxes are arranged in different the middle of the door, some at the bottom and some on the side.  The spring loaded ones are lethal as they snap your knuckles and even worse are the dogs who enthusiastically launch themselves at your enticing fingers.  The more creative have a special box pinned to the wall......flats have boxes in the foyers which can only be accessed at certain times.  Grrrr!!

Access to some of the houses is like an obstacle course - some have complicated layouts which take you through a maze before you reach your destination, others are poorly maintained so negotiating broken paving stones and debris can be a real problem.

At the end of the exercise I feel I have achieved my objectives.......all leaflets delivered, calories burnt off!, and maybe more toned thighs  - I wish.........  time for feet up and a cup of tea....:)