Sunday, 19 May 2013

Most Neglected Part of the Body!!

What do you think is the most neglected part of the body?  Well if the people around the pool last holiday are anything to go by its definitely .....feet!!!

Given the amount of time and attention given to pampering ourselves its remarkable that the feet are disadvantaged to such an extent that loads of hard cracked skin on heels are paraded around as if no-one will notice.

People on sun loungers tuck into their Kindles and periodically stretch their legs and wiggle their feet drawing the attention of fellow loungers to their feet . They come in many forms .......big feet, little feet, broad and thin,  those enhanced with bunions; some gnarled and some smooth; hairy or not, long nails, short ones, discoloured or painted ones; toes that turn up or down; toes that aren't a team and break ranks .........!  Its almost as if ....because they are at the end of your legs and far removed from your gaze you don't often see them and therefore no-one else does!

With summer hopefully upon us and sandals surfacing out of the wardrobe......... it is the time to examine the offending bits.  Sometimes feet may require more radical treatment but if the problems are cosmetic and treatable with minimal attention then the turnaround can be speedy. I have only had 2 pedicures in my life and the 2 experiences were birthday presents.  Although the outcome of the treatment  was impressive and attractive I am not keen on spending an hour doing this and spending so much money and prefer to  DIY -but it is highly instructive to learn the ropes by having it done professionally so you can carry on the good work.    If you enjoy being pampered in this way now is the time to make an appointment!

If you do opt for a DIY job here are 2 products I have been introduced to recently which I think are excellent........

......the much advertised Scholl Express Pedi.  Really efficient at the removal of built up skin leaving feet really smooth......

....followed by

This cream was recommended by my daughter who had been given this as a present and she raved about it.  So I thought it was worth a try  - and she was quite right!  My feet feel like silk and am very impressed.

I bought the pedi from Boots  and it cost £39.99 and the cream from Holland and Barrett £5.69.  A good investment when you consider what it would cost in salon treatments.

Pretty feet for the summer!