Friday, 31 May 2013

Oldies Diet!!

Although the title of the post is "Oldies Diet" the subject matter applies to any age.  It is a matter of balance.

Food is always an emotive topic as people struggle to
-  eat healthily
-  watch their weight
-  watch the pennies.

As you get older it is even more important to examine your diet and to keep in mind these 3 points.

I'm not a vegetarian but I do try to restrict my meat and fish content to one meal a day.  The remaining meals often include pulses, beans, peppers and occasionally cheese. You can raid the contents of cupboards and fridge to find left overs which make for a really healthy and attractive meal.

Here's one  quickly put together meal I made yesterday for lunch.......

This included one finely sliced red pepper,  onion, pak choi and cooked green beans....clove garlic and one inch ginger finely chopped, salt and pepper
Smear oil on bottom of non stick frying pan and slow fry pepper and onion until latter caramelises, then throw in the rest!!  It looks like an awful lot of food on the pan but it soon cooks down into a standard portion size. Stir fry until softened and then eat asap.  You can then drizzle soya sauce or balsamic - I prefer not to.....just extra calories!

This meal is incredibly easy, uses ingredients from leftover veg, cost amounts to approx £1.10, calories about 150.  So what's so difficult about that it is delicious - only downside can cause havoc with insides :)

My calorie count for the day amounts to around 1500 - this together with an hours exercise most days keeps me at my dress size 10.  I don't deprive myself of treats and its surprising how you can keep within your daily allowance if you prepare and cook food yourself - you are in control knowing what is in each meal rather than buying  a ready meal which may contain things you don't want!