Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summer Colours!!

I have always been conscious of the impact of your individual image and style has in terms of credibility, attractiveness in business and generally.  No matter how often people say it doesn't matter, it does!!

The care and attention you take in making the best of your appearance says a lot about you and what you are. This is so important in business as you try to link into  customers' expectations.

Even more important...when you retire it is a matter of saying that I am still here, I am just as attractive, just as fit, just as fashionable and am still part of the human race!

Every year I examine my wardrobe and conduct a cull......  anything I really don't like or ...... is ageing or I am fed up of seeing......  or haven't worn for 2 years....... has to go. These items are examined by my daughter and a close friend to see if they want anything and then the rest go to charity.

Over the years you find what suits your shape and colouring.  The trouble is I find I tend to buy the same things over and over again often in the same colours.......taupe, white, camel, grey, black.  Occasionally I opt for a more vibrant colour but I have to be "in the mood" to wear it.

This summer's colours are particularly vibrant and I decided to experiment and inject some of this fun stuff in my wardrobe - in particular cobalt blue which is so distinctive!

As with many of these brighter colours you can tone them down wearing them with quieter items.  Here is a generous sized Anya Hindmarsh tote and Tory Burch flats

Then there's yellow!

I have a pair of  yellow Jaeger trousers to go with this cashmere top (and the one blow) and I am waiting until the sun really comes out before being brave enough to wear them!  I am a little concerned I will look like a tube of sherbert!

Even more daring for me is this Jaeger top....

this feels a little obvious for me but in blue and yellow is up to date and my grand daughter loves it especially counting all the spots!

However my favourite recent buy is a lacy top by Chloe  .....more my usual colour and I love it!
You can have a lot of fun trying out a new look buying high street items without spending a great deal. "My buys" I have mentioned are from Jaeger or specific designer labels from

I tend to buy mainly online these days - so convenient and the choice, often at discounted prices, is huge. What is important to me is that as a more mature woman you recognise you are not thirty something but still want to be "current" and have a fashionable yet classic wardrobe which  can be mixed and matched and ring the changes. Some women wear the same items all the year round oblivious to the temperature......and winter drab does not transition well into the summer.  So it is worth opening those wardrobe doors and being ruthless!  

You may even decide to recoup some money by selling on ebay.........and then you can replace!!! :)