Monday, 22 July 2013

Whats in a name.......................

As we all await the arrival of the Royal baby, inevitably there is lot of speculation as to the name.  I heard on the news that there are a number of parents holding back on registering their babies so that if they can give the Royal names to their offspring if they have the same sex child.

I find this so curious - I don't know about you but your first child is so special and unique to you, so choosing a name is a very individual thing.

When my son was born 35 years ago we called him Benjamin.  The name wasn't as common as it is now. The name was so special and reflected family and religion and also when Ben was born the name fitted him to a tee. He was very strong and had a mop of thick ash blond hair which thankfully he has to this day.

On the day he arrived a woman in the next ward came in to have a look at Ben - she asked me what he was called and I duly told her.  She then said "oh thats different I'll call mine that!"

I was absolutely mortified - I know loads of children will have the same name but somehow in that moment to you it is almost exclusive.  So somewhere  there is a man who owes his naming to a chance conversation.................

Looking forward to hearing the good news!