Thursday, 19 September 2013

Love Your Eyes!!

Those of you have read my earlier blogs will know that in my early life I was involved with modelling with Lucie Clayton's agency. As part of our training we were taught the importance of skin care and particularly caring for the eyes.  We were told in no uncertain terms that you should treat your eyes, and particularly the area under the eyes, with enormous respect.  This area is so delicate and the skin should NEVER be dragged.  When cleansing gentle apply cream by patting gently and then remove with pads gently moving from the outer eye to inner......NEVER from inner to outer!!  

These words of wisdom have stuck with me ever since. The practice hasn't caused me any hardship and today, the lines under my eyes are quite minimal particularly when I compare to my peer group.  


If ever I see my family or friends, male or female rubbing their eyes with gusto ...(particularly when they are tired) I always annoyingly tell them not to do it and repeat my mantra!

I realise that the way we age is partly down to genetics but also down to us and the way we expose our faces and bodies to good and bad treatment and exposure to the elements.  We all develop our own beauty regimes and have our favourite creams and potions and serums and we hope we are delaying the creeping age process.

One thing I have always had are dark circles under my eyes.  I used to really be thankful for this condition when I was a little girl as often schoolteachers would think I wasn't very well and were extra nice.  As a woman however this became more of an annoyance......and yes I have heard all the solutions...get more sleep,  have a good diet, exercise more, leave a bedroom window open........and so on....

A more cosmetic approach however comes in the form of this little gem ...........

This is Estee Lauder's "Eye Illuminator" Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator  - quite a mouthful I know!
It claims to reduce dark circles and puffiness and it certainly works for me.

It has a ceramic tip which is so cooling when applied - so much so it took me by surprise.  You don't need a great deal of product and again follow the same principle of  applying  gently with coverage from outer to inner.

This is not cheap at £40 (say it quick).........but I feel it is worth it and it does last for a long time.

If you buy on line - you also get free samples which softens the blow of the cost  (a little)!!