Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Marks and Spencer Makeover!

I have never really been a fan of Marks and Spencer. The main reason is that some of the more distinctive styles and patterns seen to be sold in great numbers and I am afraid I will be standing next to someone with the same outfit - I know this is quite irrational as this could happen if I bought items from other stores.  Another reason is that I thought them a little old fashioned and "safe".

So last week I walked with my husband through M&S on our way to Sainsburys  - I was pleasantly surprised as the store had had a makeover and was arranged along the lines of a kind of John Lewis with segments dedicated to certain types of clothing and a shoe boutique. Presentation and shopping experience is much much better.  Also I noticed that they are trying harder on customer service - I was asked if I needed any help with my choice and staff generally were very polite and attentive.

What really caught my eye were the cashmere jumpers - good quality and although expensive were cheaper than others I dad seen in other stores and on line. They ranged from £70 -£75.  So I indulged and am very happy with them.  They are light and soft but still have some substance to them which I hope will mean they last longer.  Really worth a look !