Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weight - Preparation…...

I mentioned in my last post the general condition of passengers on our cruise.  What was clear that despite all the information provided regarding the negative effect of excess weight on the body many people still over indulge.  I don't mean by a little, I mean by a lot. Don't get me wrong the temptation to have extra is very tempting and being on holiday we all succumb ….but not to the extent that portions are so big that the plate cannot accommodate. There is always a choice of opting for a formal meal or one where you can self serve.  The latter is the downfall for those who have so little control.  We have never seen so many carbohydrates on one plate and without any veg….Potatoes cooked in their various forms, bread, croissants, bananas, smoothies, fried foods……………..

Last week I accompanied my husband to the Outpatients in our local hospital. Our appointment was for 3.30pm and we had to wait one and a half hours to be seen. During this time I watched as the 4 nurses attending patients went about their business.  Three out of the 4 were very overweight. One kept pausing as she appeared to have problems catching her breath. Other health professionals came and went and again provided poor role models in their large frames.  So what hope is there for the obesity epidemic which is gripping the country? 

Taxing certain popular food items will not overcome this problem….not when so many seem to consume very ordinary yet calorific food in large quantities. 

Sadly people will only diet and make an effort to get weight under control if they want to!

So why would you want to?

Health scare, lack of mobility, diabetes, joint problems, heart problems, blood pressure, can't fit into your clothes, embarrassment, role model for our children, vanity?

Maybe to kick start those who have a serious weight problem and help to motivate them we should stop being PC and when doctors think someone is fat say so and outline the consequences.  Stop saying women are curvy when they are fat and are stacking up problems for themselves.  you don't help people by diminishing their problem with kind words.

Family and friends over the years have pooled our own experiences and have all been on one diet or another and have provided support for each other from time to time providing encouragement and praising success in reaching our targets in being fit and healthy.

So with this backdrop here are some suggestions in the first step towards your ideal weight.

  1. Visit your doctor for a health assessment 
  2. Be honest with yourself by weighing yourself and recording  - use a digital scale and not one where you can cheat by standing on one leg
  3. Identify your ideal weight, useful site ….
  4. Break down weight loss into 7lbs weight loss targets to provide manageable objectives which provide incentive
  5. Take key measurements  - neck, chest, waist, hips, thighs and record - try using a website such as to record your measurements and to monitor progress

5. Join a slimming club - people lose more weight by having a support network such as this
6. Subscribe to a slimming magazine try Rosemary Conley who also has her own channel and she is a more mature woman who understands some of our senior problems and limitations
7. Avidly watch TV programmes on weight which will help to motivate you….such as
this is often repeated on Sky

ok enough for now please share with friends and family - welcome comments, suggestions, experiences
no-one said it was easy ……..