Saturday, 3 January 2015

Listen to Your Body!

Sometimes exercise seems a real effort and at other times seems relatively easy.  This morning I went to the gym ...more people in attendance today.......

Settled down on the cross trainer, ear phones in, TV channel chosen and set the time.  I remembered my "fitbit" and looked forward to my usual hour......

Couple of people I know came over for a brief chat and I occupied rest of time watching TV programmes I never would have considered at home :)

The hour went very quickly and so I adjusted time for another 10 minutes and felt quite energised.  I also had the reassurance of my GP being on the stepper next to me in case I keeled over!!  All in all I did 1.5 hours, 614 calories and 7430 steps according to fitbit.  I felt quite elated.  Not that I could do this everyday but took the opportunity while I could.

I returned home and my husband had noticed I had been away longer than usual - he is always concerned I am doing too much - however he was suitably impressed with my achievement and will be coming with me to the gym on Monday morning.  Sometimes we need the encouragement of others to reboot :)

I enjoy keeping up my regime as I am reaping the many benefits - maybe the most important one is that at 64 I do not regard myself as "old" even though the number is big.  I have no intention of slowing down until I physically can't cope.

Sadly can't ski anymore as my I know my knees won't like it but there are many people older than me who have found this is their preferred mode of exercise.  We all know our limits!!

Now many of my contemporaries may not feel they want to be active to this extent but I hope they can see the real benefits of a brisk walk, of not taking the car and walking to the shops (within reason), to walk up stairs rather than taking lifts.......   Appearance, weight, energy, mobility and longevity are all parts of the rewards!

Age is no longer a barrier to all the things we want to do providing we do what is necessary - keep up the motivation!!