Friday, 13 February 2015

Devil's Island and the Caribbean......

A little late but here are samples of holiday snaps for the remainder of our holiday.....
Devil's Island (French Guiana) is the one in the middle.  Island notorious for its brutal prison which housed Dreyfuss and also
featured in the film Papillon based on convicted felon Henri Charriere.  He was one of only 2 prisoners who managed to escape by swimming across the allegedly  shark infested waters to the French Guiana's coast

If you want the ultimate weekend away you can actually stay in the limited accommodation (not in the prison!)
The Islands are protected by approximately 20 French Foreign Legionnaires 

We also went on to visit several of the Caribbean Islands - St Lucia, St Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, Barbados, Martinique and Barbados.   All beautiful in their own way but with their own particular personality.  The one that stands out for me on this trip was Trinidad.  The last time we were her we went on a guided tour and did see a lot of the island and the lovely scenery, but this time we decided to walk into the town.  This was very challenging as the temperatures as you would expect were in the 30s and it was difficult to walk any distance.  However we managed to walk through the financial district which was a curious blend of new office buildings and old sections which housed shops and markets.  We noticed the beautifully dressed women in tailored suits, tights and high heel shoes going to work. We understood they are used to the heat and acclimatised....amazing!

The Carnival was due to start and so excitement was in the air and people seemed genuinely happy. Lots of fancy dress costumes in evidence. The people were so welcoming and polite and helpful. Great atmosphere - we were sad to leave.