Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sun Worshippers and the Aftermath

I watched a programme this week about a young man who was addicted to sun bathing.  He said that without it his life was meaningless and it didn't feel like him! 
This is an extreme and yet all of us probably feel we look better with a tan ...more attractive with a healthy glow. However it isn't always healthy.  

We are all too aware of the dangers of too much sun - skin cancer, shrivelled skin, age spots....and yet on holiday in the incredible mid day temperatures, some would sunbathe only moving to turn over and scorch the other side. Why do people take this to the extreme in their pursuit of an intense colour of skin which will eventually shed onto the bedroom floor?  Paleness will return and the lasting legacy of this indulgence etched in permanent wrinkles and crevices and the appearance of a much older person. You may also have damaged your skin to such an extent that you have triggered something much more sinister.

One of the most fascinating aspects on holiday after ravaging their bodies in the sun many then went to the Beauty Spa to try and find a remedy for their skin problems........human beings .... certainly an enigma.......

As we left our plane at Gatwick we heard one passenger say that she couldn't wait to show off her tan to her neighbours! So is this a driver?  Crazy!

We felt quite uncomfortable with the heat on holiday and stayed in the shade as much as possible. We commented on the resilience  and stamina of those who didn't seem to be affected.  Walking around on the various islands was a challenge and even though covered with the highest sun factor we still didn't escape the powerful rays.  My feet for some reason seemed to be a focus and look quite incongruous in comparison with the rest of me!

Enough to have topped up the vitamin D supply methinks!

Now home and normality there is something to be said for the UK climate!