Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Exercise - no excuses!!!

Just about every morning we switch on Sky News and hear about the benefits of exercise particularly as you get older.  We all know the benefits but doing something about it is another thing. Like most people I have to psyche myself up to doing it. Some of my friends go for regular brisk walks others swim.  Neither appeal to me as either too much weather or too much water.  So the gym is my thing.  I belong to small a gym in my local hotel - Sopwell House near St Albans which attracts a healthy core membership of like minded people. All shapes and sizes are there and levels of ability - so no need to feel self conscious.

I now concentrate on using the crosstrainer and low level bike as I was advised that they are kinder for my wonky left knee.  I go 5/6 times a week and spend about an hour a time. I try to go first thing in a morning when my energy levels are high and then I also have the rest of the day to do other things.  Okay this may be too much for a lot of people but it suits me and I think I actually enjoy it!!  My husband reluctantly comes along with me 2/3 times a week - even he has said how he does feel much better - more energy and of course helps with weight.

Just got back from a session and now time for a nice cup of tea.....more tomorrow!

Stop press!  lots of people just passing our home on an organised brisk walk - each to their own :)