Monday, 7 January 2013

My Framework

When I was running my business I worked from home.   I very quickly realized that I needed a framework which would provide me with a  discipline and routine to make sure I actually achieved something.  From this experience I realized that to have a happy retirement I still needed a framework although different.  I really needed to have a new routine which would give me a feeling of structure and of being in control.

January is of course an ideal time for putting the years key events in the diary - holidays, visits, key celebrations, dental checkups, hair appointments .  I also diary gym sessions, my Pilates classes, painting time and also have entries for all my other interests I have in my profile.  

None of this is set in stone but it helps to make things actually happen.  Feel much better now this is done!  Says a lot about me !

I use an electronic diary and also have a paper diary – goodness knows why…….my son’s girlfriend tells me it’s a girl thing – anyway it’s a very nice looking Smythson diary :)