Monday, 21 January 2013

Fashion Passion!

Christmas Fashion 1970

I always look forward to the doorbell ringing as its probably DHL or one of the other deliverers bringing me my online clothes shopping order.   Although I am delighted with the arrivals I do realize that I do have to have a sense of proportion and not to let my purchases get out of control.  I have always loved fashion with a passion particularly when I was modeling for Lucie Clayton in my early years and I also I had the influence of an elegant mother who had a great sense of style. So part nurture and nature!

Modelling one of my favourites 1969

As we get older we are much more realistic and we can appreciate the good parts about our figures and also the bits we want to disguise.  This helps in identifying the designers and brands which match our preferences.
Never has there been so much choice in affordable clothing .Whether your funds are limited to economic supermarket fashion or to the high end designers there is something for everyone. What is very important is finding your own style which suits you.  If you aren’t sure about your look then call on friends and family who you can trust to give an honest opinion. 

I hear people talking about being "age appropriate" – which is a derogatory reference to “women of a certain age “ and the inference of “mutton dressed as lamb”.  Who defines what is suitable for your age? I have seen young women in young fashion  which has been a total disaster so if we are going to have rules ...................

here are my suggestions...........

1.     Identify what suits your size, figure and shape.
2.     Discard wardrobe items which don’t match with your criteria
3.     Definitely move along items you haven’t worn for the past 2 years
4.     Make sure your wardrobe is “current” and moving with the times otherwise you will look as if you are in a time warp and it is very aging
5.     Make sure clothes are occasion appropriate
6.     Question whether your choice matches your personality and  says who you are
7.     Try not to buy the same safe colours (I am guilty of this)  and experiment
8.     Develop a “capsule” wardrobe particularly if money is a problem so that you can mix and match a few related items and have a flexible and creative combination of looks
9.     Have a range of accessories which enhance your look
10. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing a uniform! If someone told you on leaving your school uniform behind that it was going to be replaced by another…………..jeans, tee shirt, fleece, leggings, tracksuits……….you would protest. Of course there are times when this apparel fits the bill but if it becomes the norm then it is ………..a uniform!

People often complain about being "invisible" as they get older - if this is the way you feel maybe you can do something about it!!  Starting with your wardrobe?

Here's someone who is starting a little early in the fashion stakes!

Grandaughter Mair (3) in my Marc Jacobs sunglasses
and Louboutins !!

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