Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my new blog and my first post! My New Year Resolution achieved!!
When I retired I was often asked if I missed work.  It was a fair question as I always had many projects on the go and I showed no signs of slowing down.  However strangely enough I found I could honestly answer the question with a definite “no”!  Work was a satisfying challenge and provided a good living but retirement has been a release where I can now pursue my many interests.  

My husband and I often say “how did we find time to work”. Many of our friends say the same thing but sadly there are those who find retirement miserable and unproductive.
I am a firm believer that having a positive attitude to life helps in enjoyment and in overcoming the more difficult times.

Try smiling, look happy, look for the good not the bad, what can I do not what can’t I do.  Okay this is easier said than done but I want to explore what is possible and maybe provide a few pointers. This approach certainly helped when I was coaching people.

I aim to update the site as often as possible but bear with me in these early days and sharing with you how we can stay as young as possible and enjoy life!