Monday, 18 February 2013

and in summary.......!

Well my fellow silverstrivers  lets have a look at some of the topics we have shared so far................

Cunning Plan!
......importance of having a framework, plan and objectives

.......we all have tried many diets and have some have worked and some have not. We understand the importance of keeping on striving to maintain a sensible weight, for health, looks and mobility.  The older we get the more we realise how good weight maintenance helps to ward off many illnesses or conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and poor joints
one website you might like which helps to monitor weight and exercise and provides advice which I have used and have recommended to friends ...... 
you can also download as  free app on iPhone

.......whatever your poison choose what works for you - gym, walking, pilates, yoga - must be something which works for you!  Check out this link of exercise for over 50s

.......remember the uniform?  Look forward to revisiting the Fashion topic shortly.  Hope London Fashion Week delivers some goodies!

Mature Dating
......never too late to find "the one"! We looked at good and not so good experiences. Its worth striving but also worth exercising caution!

Teeth whitening my opinion one of the most important "beauty" treatments involves regular visits to the dentist and hygienist and exploring which cosmetic treatments may work for your teeth.  Good dentistry, good for your looks, health and enjoyment of food!

........not always seen as a problem for all but if you are interested in the physical look and tone of your body then there are many treatments put forward by the cognoscenti.  Each to their own but regular exercise to me is a significant part of the solution.

Laser rejuvenating facials
.... a brief look at whats available - beauty clinics and at home - await readers experiences!!