Monday, 18 February 2013

Hair today............

Why is it that some people feel that once they reach a certain age they should cut off their hair?  I can understand it if you feel that the new haircut will suit you better and that you want a change - but not as I heard recently said to a 50ish woman that  " well it will be easy for you".  If you want to make it easy then you could shave off the lot!

I read recently that Davina McCall's grandmother had said to her that maybe she shouldn't have her hair long at her age....

This article also describes another woman's experience and her defiant stance against the haircutting lobby!
My hair is not as long as when I was 18 but is still shoulder length and will remain so!

Surely you choose a hairstyle to maintain or indeed increase your attractiveness - somehow the above comment seems to imply that at a certain age you no longer count and that you have opted out of the human race.

Similar discussions are held around whether to go grey or not. Some say "I can't be bothered". Why can't you? If you feel that grey suits then fine but there are so many subtle hair colours and variations available which can provide a softer image and individuality.

In the main I have kept my hair long - I have tried short but long works better for me.  Its also more versatile - you can have it up, down, tied back......... I don't think it takes a disproportionate amount of time to wash and dry.
From an early age my very dark brown hair started to show flecks of grey. The odd ones I would pull out until someone said you will get 2 in place.......I know an old wives tale ........

I started colouring my hair in my 40s - I hated these home kits and the mess and they tended to be completely uniform  in colour unlike a natural head of hair which shows variation.

When I reached 50 my husband said why don't you go to the hairdresser and have it dyed professionally.  I had been thinking of doing so for a while as my natural colour now didn't seem to go with my skin tone anymore.  So I now sport a more mid brown colour with highlights which now suits
me better.

I tend to be "topped up" every 4/5 weeks. Sometimes when I examine the regrowth it still comes as a shock to know what is lurking beneath!  Not for me!!

Of course you will never look like you did on your 20s but it doesn't mean you have to sever all links!!

What do you think??