Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sticks and stones.........

I was very disappointed today to read about Hillary Mantel’s comments about the Duchess of Cambridge.  I really enjoy reading Hillary Mantel’s  books and I am very surprised that she would make such unkind comments about the Duchess who is in no position to fight back.  I notice that in some of the papers they are trying to argue that the comments have to be seen in context. I don’t feel that any context justifies derogatory remarks that are bound to hurt.

There seems to be a trend lately that people in the public eye feel they can say things which are bound to attract media interest.  Unfortunately it tends to come from the sisterhood who you would think would be more supportive of each other.

Many women indulge in this kind of behavior and you do wonder what is the driver behind the comments. Could it be jealousy? envy ? publicity? Being controversial ? spitefulness? Inadequacy?

The difference nowadays is that these remarks are made very publicly in the celebrity world with what seems little regard for the consequences.  In our world comments tend to be made behind  the backs of individuals. Not sure which is worse!

The Duchess is obviously beautiful, well groomed, and intelligent. I hope she has broad shoulders and can disregard this unwelcome attention.

For many “ordinary” people and specifically older people who take care of themselves and try hard to maintain their looks they also seem to attract negative responses.  Its almost as if people are looking for an explanation as to why these people look good and then try to use this findings to detract from the positive image.

I have heard comments about mature attractive women along the lines of…………

Well what do you expect with her money?

She must have had some work done?

She looks like mutton dressed as lamb!

She should act her age!

She’s so vain!

One of the celebrities who attracts a lot of these remarks is  Jane Fonda.  She is 75 and looks absolutely marvelous.  She works very hard maintaining her figure and looks.  Her appearance recently on the red carpet was breathtaking .  This was acknowledged but with comments from the public along the lines above.

Very sad isn’t it that many find it difficult to celebrate what people, young and not so young have achieved in their own way.  You could argue that its human nature. What has been reported today I feel  has crossed the line. 
 Maybe there should be more of a call for keeping inner demons and insecurities under control .........…..and  to support the sisterhood!!!  

What do you say?