Sunday, 3 February 2013

Long in the Tooth!

One of the most neglected areas of our body seems to be our teeth.   It is amazing how people are willing to spend a great deal of money on facials and makeup only to spoil the effect with a dreadful smile. 
When you think of all the work biting and chewing for so many years you would think that the need to have regular checks  and treatment is obvious.  Many are carrying around the debris and discoloration from years of abuse and neglect.  Apart from the proven medical benefits of maintaining your teeth there is also the added bonus of increasing your attractiveness rating and looking younger than your years.

Take a look at this article and scroll down to the photo of Jeremy Clarkson.  As the article states the poor condition of his teeth probably reflects years of smoking.  Whatever the reason not a pretty sight!

With the arrival of HD TV I find myself noticing more and more people with questionable dental hygiene.  I am beginning to think I have a thing about this – I am not talking about looking for perfection.  In my youth overcrowding of teeth wasn’t treated as well as today in my view. 

 In my case my lower teeth are crooked and far too close together.  This means I have to be meticulous with cleaning. 
I know that trips to the dentist can be expensive, but I view it as a necessity and not a luxury.  Particularly as you get older the teeth provide the much needed scaffolding  and support for your face - to stop it falling downhill!

I have a dental insurance plan so some treatments are covered and other treatments are discounted.
I visit the dentist every 6 months and also the dental hygienist.  I find plaque build up a real problem and it can cause gums to bleed which is not a good sign if you don’t want to lose your teeth. I follow the dentist’s good advice-  use an electric toothbrush morning and night, floss afterwards and use interdental sticks and brushes.  I am by no means a saint with this – I am just frightened of the alternative.

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About 8 years ago I decided to have my teeth whitened.  I  considered having them lasered but decided against this as I wasn’t sure how long the effect would last.  So I asked my dentist about an alternative and he made mouth trays for me and provided +Polanight syringes with the whitening gel to fill the trays. I had to wear the trays for several nights.  (The cost was approximately £400) I did experience mild sensitivity but in the end it was worth it.  My teeth colour improved by several shades. I now do a “top up”every 6 to 8 months .

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There have been so many developments in dentistry which can make your smile more appealing.  I am not talking about the over the top extremes of some of the celebrities ridiculously dazzling perfect teeth but just building on what you have. You will feel more confident and look better! Why not pluck up the courage and make that appointment? Maybe take your partner along with you? :-)