Saturday, 1 June 2013

austerity solution!

I have listened to to people talking about austerity and food banks  I have  in the past have had a time when you do feel moments of despair trying to make ends meet. The lessons of my mum and cooking from basics helped in overcoming many of the challenges. It is a myth to think that people who have little money need to be less healthy. What is needed today is basic cooking.

I often feel that in the supermarkets they provide a range of products which match the needs but do not address the versatility and thriftiness of local markets.

Today we went to St Albans Market and bought these items which were far cheaper than the supermarkerts and they will be more cost effective for those who cook and freeze leftovers

cost £1.00
enormous cabbage £1.00


Why am I highlighting this today ..... today we were  pleasantly surprised by the range of products of the market and also how much cheaper than the supermarkets.
If you are prepared to invest just a little time and energy you can provide a good meal at reasonable costs.

Here is a flavour of things we bought.....above and below!!!

one bunch bought in supermarket last week £1.00 5 bunches £1.00
Enormous cabbage £1.00 last week supermarket very small cabbage £0.95

shop wisely, have basic skills , care enough to have enthusiasm to make a difference !!! Do not rely on convenience!!! Eating  healthily has nothing to do with having more money it is to do with a will to do things differently and not rely on taking easy option!