Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Resisting Change!

It has been a strange week - I have had a few exchanges with people who want to stick to the status quo.  As you enter retirement you have more time to think about things and to look more carefully at options before deciding on the right path.  All this may sound obtuse and I am afraid must remain so otherwise I will offend the parties concerned.  So I am going to outline in a general way some of my thoughts about change and our attitude towards this particularly in later life.

Lets take technology. So often I hear people say

"I know nothing about technology"
"It frightens me"
"I wouldn't know where to start"
"Why can't we just stick to what we know - it works"
"Its too late to start now"
"I leave this to my grandchildren they are much better than me"

Now I can understand some people who have reservations if the new and unfamiliar provide a perceived challenge but this is no reason for not considering it or embracing it.

I suppose I have been fortunate that in my business life that technology has always been an integral part of the way I had to operate.  I have always been aware of the benefits and the opportunities of using whatever is available to remain effective and current.

I am so conscious of our older brethren who talk themselves and others out of taking advantage of what is available. Some are happy to portray an image of being old fashioned and even worse incapable.  With so many lines of support available to educate and instruct at a basic level and beyond it is clear that the older brain can take on board new skills and stimulate a more enquiring mind. Prevents seizing up!!

Whether is is using laptops, tablets, Kindle, email, twitter or Facebook - there is plenty out there to find something that suits!

Life expectancy is increasing so why live in the dark ages and miss out for a long period of time. So what are you waiting for - it doesn't bite!!