Saturday, 6 July 2013

yesterday at Wimbledon!!!

We were v fortunate to get tickets yesterday for Wimbledon.  Sadly not centre Court .....but No I.  We watched the women's doubles semi finals.  Nevertheless really excellent as was the whole day.  Full of excitement and great atmosphere particularly on Henman Hill.  The weather was particularly a challenge....having secured really good seats we found we were then exposed to 24 degree temperatures in open sun.  How people are able to feel comfortable sitting there under these conditions is a mystery.

Apart from excellent tennis you can't help but observe the behaviour of people around you.

You are a captive audience, and although mesmerised by the performance of the players some of the observers seem to feel that they need to work alongside them by eating for Britain.  To our left was a couple of young women in their late 20's.  One v slim and the other was considerably overweight wearing thick leggings, a top and .....a wool cardigan! One of the matches lasted approx an hour during which they ......had a Pimms,  2 sandwiches, a box of Waitrose strawberries each , a giant pack of crisps each .....then a rest, loo break ...on return a choc ice-cream each  followed by popcorn each, bottle of Coke each.........

The larger lady suddenly said she was too hot and didn't  feel good  and the duo made their exit.  No wonder the first aid supporters have a problem at these events!

It opened my eyes to the people who have the considerable challenge of supporting us and protecting us.....................when will people learn not to do things to excess and be a drain on resources!!!