Wednesday, 6 November 2013

7 weeks to go…………..

Can you believe there's only 7 weeks until Christmas? It doesn't seem so long since the last one.  You always have this feeling that there is so much to do….and there is but nowhere near as much as we imagine - just human nature I guess which leads us to panic !

The food, the drink , the cleaning, the decorations, the cake, the mincemeat, the visits, and ……..the presents. Why is it that we all feel so much angst as to what to give?  Children and teenagers are easy …toys and money respectively…then there's the adults!  My husband always says I am too generous but I do love to give and see the pleasure - I hope!
I was brought up with the saying better to give than receive

I must confess I started gathering pressies in October!  Men as always are very hard to buy for...

When people give presents to me I value the thought that goes into it - it shows how much someone knows you and how much they care.  I have been touched by the simplest things……like my little grandchildren drawing a picture just for me - awww!

In retirement,  income is limited and finite and so I would imagine that sometime in the future we will have to tighten our belts but not quite yet :)

Christmas does tend to bring out the child in us ….no matter how old you get……..

so on with the prep!!!