Thursday, 1 May 2014

Blithe Spirit

Yesterday proved to be an exhausting but highly pleasurable day!  We had theatre tickets so had to go into London despite the tube strike.  Always a worry as to whether you can get there and ..........whether you can get back!

We took the fast train to St Pancras which only takes about 20 mins....and then we walked ....yes walked to Shaftesbury Ave.  The distance  would you believe, is only just over a mile depending on which streets you navigate. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the walk.  It was quite busy with many more cyclists than usual and taxis in abundance.  Judging from the volume of people it seemed that people had not been put off coming into town.

We had a buffet lunch in China Town which was very good and very reasonable at £8.95 per head.  I indulged my prawn craving and had plenty of veg.

We then went to the matinee performance of Blithe Spirit at the Gielgud Theatre. Angela Lansbury is top of the bill.  She is one of those people you feel you know having had a diet of "Murder She Wrote" for so many years.  She must have solved more murders than Chief Inspector Barnaby in "Midsomer Murders" - quite remarkable!!

We were not disappointed - Angela Lansbury and the rest of the cast were excellent.  Quite a long play with challenging roles - more so if you are 88 years old!!  No sign of fatigue or of lack of vibrancy from this remarkable woman.
What a wonderful lady who received a well deserved standing ovation. To think she was going to do all this again in the evening !!

Afterwards we had our evening meal at one of our favourite little Italian restaurants in the West End before making our way back to St Pancras and the train journey home.
A day with a bit of everything ........ something for the memory bank!!