Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Health Check Update

Well a week on from blood test and return for results and for a general check.  As someone who feels fit and healthy and who follows a reasonable diet and exercise plan I expected feedback which maybe might not be exceptional but at least good.  I maybe being a little too hard on findings as it is disappointing when any negative is inferred.

Liver and kidney functions fine, "good" cholesterol is 2.6 which is really good however overall my cholesterol is a on the high side I think it was 5.3 or 5.6.  Anyway it prompted the conversation about my diet - did I eat oily fish, pulses.......did I have a lows fat diet?  I dutifully took the booklet on diet advice which was offered knowing full well that I fulfilled the requirements.  Its not fair I thought!

My reviewer was an affable lady who was of ample proportions! She followed a computer  questionnaire which proved to be a blunt instrument as it didn't allow for supplementary information.
She measured my height which thankfully is the same as in my twenties so spine not collapsing I thought .....and then she weighed me.  She indicated that my BMI was within the normal range but did I detect a little negative in the tone which made me think that she thought it could down a little?  Maybe I am becoming a little too sensitive!

Then the blood pressure.....I knew as soon as the machine started pumping my BP would be up and true to form it again was on the high now I have to take a daily reading for a week and return with log and my BP machine :(   Ah well......

I returned home having lost the skip in my step I started out with.......I switched on the rang and a pleasant voice asked for me and said she represented "mobility in the home" and could she ask me 2 simple questions...."did I find it harder to get in the bath or to get out of the bath?"....I protested and said I was fit and healthy maybe with a little too much gusto!!  The lady said that from my voice I was too young (haha) for this and maybe she should call back in twenty years......we both laughed at this.

I recounted the conversation to my husband expecting soothing noises instead he said " but you use a shower not a bath."............grrrr!