Friday, 21 November 2014

Cruise to Casablanca

Just returned from a 12 day cruise to Casablanca which was our first port of call.  This was going to be special as it would also coincide with my birthday!  My husband had taken great care and planned a special meal on board at Marco Pierre White's.  Unfortunately on the day the sea was particularly rough with a swell in excess of 6 metres.  My sea legs are never that great but this time the roll of the ship took its toll and I was very very sick.  I spent the day in bed and ventured out in the evening rattling with anti sickness pills which stabilised me but left me feeling like a zombie.
We managed to get to the meal but it wasn't quite the evening we planned!!

However things started to get better as our visit to Casablanca proved to be a treat.  Here is a selection of photos taken there and hopefully they will give you a flavour of this amazing place.

There was a "Rick's Cafe" designed for tourists however "Casablanca" was filmed entirely in Hollywood so a little disingenuous! Humphrey Bogart didn't know what he missed!!

Hassan II Mosque

Mechouar de Casablanca

More tomorrow on remaining places on itinerary when I have done yet more washing!!