Saturday, 1 November 2014

Determined weight loser.....

In an ealier blog I mentioned my two friends who had lost weight on the 5:2 diet and had achieved significant weight loss.

This diet doesn't work for all and you have to find something which works for you and you have a fighting chance of keeping to it.

So I thought you might be interested in this article..

Charlie Falconer has always been regarded as a larger than life character but no more ...he has shrunk.  I must admit when I saw him on TV recently I didn't recognise him.

In the article he talks about the 5:2 diet and how he found it difficult to stick to the discipline.  He then worked out a regime (which some would say that on the surface isn't so healthy) which worked for him.

Inspirational stuff! I am not so sure I could be so dedicated particularly with 5 mile a day run...but each to their own.  He is no spring chicken and so those amongst you who say its too late - take heed!

I'm sure he must have taken the precaution of seeing his doctor first before embarking on the road to a healthier and fitter mature member of society!!