Monday, 3 November 2014

Tooth Fairy.....

A few days ago my granddaughter was having lunch with me and I took a photo to send to her mum. 
My daughter phoned me seconds later to say that a tooth was missing!! Mair's bottom tooth had become wobbly and we knew it was only a matter of days before it came out.  The last thing I wanted was for the tooth to come out on my watch!! Losing your first tooth is such a special event for any parent to witness with their offspring.

Anyway she must have swallowed it which made things worse.  Tears followed but they soon dried up when she realised that one of her close friends had done exactly the same thing.

Nevertheless between us we gave the various reassurances that the Tooth Fairy would visit when she got home....tooth fairy would work out a solution even though the tooth was missing..............phew!!

My daughter then sent me a copy of the letter which the tooth fairy left for Mair....

not sure what the present was but Mair was really thrilled with the letter - how kind of the fairy........

Although this may sound like we are a little crazy its worth thinking about what is important in life.  Creating a little bit of make believe for a child and maintaining the age of innocence is quite magical. 

Also thank goodness for the internet where you can find these little gems like the letter from the tooth fairy which saves a lot of time and effort composing something which fits the bill perfectly!!