Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Flower Power...........

Isn't it fantastic having a sunny day ?  Never thought we would get one.  One of the most frustrating things in a garden is that the plants and flowers never reach their full potential if they miss their biological timeslot.  We all know how disappointing it is when the climate is unkind particularly with frosts wiping out the blooms on magnolias and camellias.

Thankfully we are now enjoying the fruits of out labour in our garden.  We moved into a new build house 7 years ago and had to start from scratch.  My husband and I mused at the time about the number of gardens we had had to tackle and never fully had the benefits. We do intend this time to stay put and to tend rather than develop!

It has been a challenge trying to get the garden into reasonable shape.  We have extracted bricks, breeze blocks and other general builders rubble.  Even after 7 years we are unearthing rubbish  - you wonder why some plants don't survive and then you find out why!

Gardening is so rewarding. When I was working I found it very therapeutic and helpful in reducing stress levels.  Now in retirement it is another interest, an interest which enhances our property and gives us great satisfaction and a great environment in which we can relax and keeps us fit!

Our standard wisteria coming out at last!!