Monday, 3 June 2013

Secrets of a longer life!

According to an article today the secret to a longer life has 4 elements

1.  Regular Exercise

2.  Eating a Mediterranean - style diet

3.  Keeping a normal weight

4.  Not smoking

Theses are the findings of a large study by researchers at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Few surprises here really.  With such strong messages from this study and from all the other findings from other research we read daily you would think that the penny would drop and we would look to improving our daily lives.

I am minded of a situation I used to see regularly when I attended my last gym which was quite extensive as was....... the car park!  Some would turn up in their gear and almost come to blows with others to try and get the parking slot the nearest to the gym entrance so they wouldn't have far to walk  when they had finished their session..........

another anecdote - a  colleague decided to go on a diet and eat her breakfast at work.  She brought her own cereal bowl which wasn't small and filled it to the top with bran flakes and then covered with milk to the rim.  She devoured this in seconds and felt she was eating healthily.  She then had a latte......because .....yes you have guessed it - it was healthy.  When it was pointed out to her how many calories she had consumed before 9am she was shocked.  She then started to look more closely at the calories she was consuming in a day and it was close to 3000!

The harm smoking does to your body is well known often with fatal consequences.  Smoking also has an impact on appearance. Greyness in the skin and premature wrinkles particularly lines around the mouth.

Do we ever learn..............