Monday, 24 June 2013

Walk like a Duck........Bad Habits!!

As the years go by you wonder why some of us seem more prone to various joint malfunctions.  At school we were taught to stand tall, shoulders back, tummy in.  I can't remember anyone talking about our feet and their position when walking.

I have had trouble with my knees since my mid 30s and I have managed their troublesome nature to a now better relationship.  This came about mainly because of a trip to a superb physiotherapist who specialised in sports injuries.......the sports aspect does not relate to me :)

However why does relate to me is that I tend to walk like a duck..........because I suppose it is comfortable.  I am not the worst offender I say defensively.  However now that I am aware of this aberration, I notice everyone else's shortcomings!  My physio talked about my knee problems and the way I walk and told me if I want to get my body and anatomy back into alignment I would have to change my ways!!!  .....and this would improve my knee problems considerably!!

This advice which I readily accept has been reinforced by my son.  When he follows me he often calls out to me "12  o'clock".  This can be quite irritating as my husband also joins the chorus.

However thinking about the clock makes me pay attention to the way I am walking does feel unnatural to me to walk in this parallel fashion particularly after years of abuse.......but it has made a difference - I have less trouble with the joints. I still have to remain vigilant as there is a tendency to return to the old and familiar despite its negative consequences .

Being good is not easy is it!  What do you think?